Dolomites – Venice 2017

Guillaume Non classé

From the summits to the Serenissima…

Back to the italian roads on this end of summer with our « Dolomites – Venice » 2017 rally.
Meeting point was given on Sunday 10th September on the edge of Lake Como for some 20 crews, coming from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.
Nice sports cars and among all these British, Italian and German ladies, it should be noted the presence of an exceptional Aston Martin DB2 and a Ferrari 365 GTC .
Despite somewhat capricious weather and, in particular, wintery conditions on several passes, this week was characterized by good spirit all along the road.
Competitors could enjoy the amazing sceneries offered by the Dolomites around Cortina d’Ampezzo before reaching Venice for a day of well-deserved rest.

Congratulations to the crew THOULOUZE/LEMBERGER (FR) on their Alfa spider who win the first place of this rally. Mrs MATTEI & Mr LEKIC (FR) on Porsche 991 ranks second and the crew PRADAL (FR) finishes third with their Ferrari Mondial T cab.

Special award for David John and Henriette TWAITES, our « gentlemen drivers » on Healey 100 .
We thank them for their enthusiasm and their all-round good humour.